Hello Hello , I must say that living the Paris Fashion Week or the #PFW as they call it on the Instagram , it’s such an amazing experience . And now I’m here …. sitting on my flight back to Tel Aviv and thinking …. How can I share with you all the informations that happens to us during this week . Parisian Hotels , Fashion Show and Restaurants have no more secret for us , and I am more than ready to share it with you .
Writing this few words give me such a good idea , I believe the best way to share my experience with you is to share this story day by day , hours by hours … I really want you to feel the Fashion Week experience as I feel it .

So lets start from the really beginning…
(To read this post is highly recommended to prepare a warm tea and few macarons , feel confortable and then let’s continue to read my post)

Sunday 25th September :

15:30 – Bonjour Bonjour et Bienvenue a Paris !!! Okey saying the truth we are more than tired here in Rossy Charles de Gaules , just landed with our 6 Suitcase full of designers pieces and we are already on our way to our very first hotel the Hotel Paris Neuilly . No time to rest or to eat , our Uber Taxi is waiting to us and we have to share a code with our readers 15€ on the first ride with the code MEGANEANDDYLAN … yes if you follow us on snapchat it’s highly possible that you see this kinds of snaps hundred times during the week . By the way you can continue to use this code . But I dont really know if its still working .

16:00 – Here we are !!! The Hotel Paris Neuilly hosting us for our very first Parisian Night a very clean and confortable room … but no time to rest the photographers are here and now its time to shoot .
Megane wore and amazing Natalie Sisaurie dress that I’ve designed for the brand and I am wearing a Bamos Square Mustard Suits .

18:00 – Shoot are done , we get really nice photos , thanks to @studioaustralparis . Let’s get confortable clothes and have our very first trip on the Parisian street .

20:00 – Nothing better to start the week with the most famous Avenue of Paris . Les Champs Elysées … wow I must say that in this time we are so happy to be here and so exited in 2 days is the Paris Fashion Week and we gonna sit next to all the internationals fashion Industry discovering the next summer trends.
Now we are really angry after this hard first day of work , Megane want to eat a Pizza so we sit at the first Italian of the Avenue . Pizza Pino it was so delicious …. But … we still want to enjoy a superbe dessert and as Ladurée addict no other choice for us to sit on the Ladurée Restaurant at few steps from the Italian , and enjoying our favorite vanilla macaron .

23:00 – Walking all the Avenue , there is no hour for us to do Shopping. Then Becky our parisian friend join to us and we walk on the Parisian street from L’arc the Triomphe to La Concorde , now we really feel the Parisian mood .

01:00 – Back to the Hotel is time to sleep . Tommorow a very J-1 #PFW day is waiting to us . Bonne Nuit a Demain .

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