You all know I am a very big fan of watches , for me is more than a simple “what time is it ?” object but a real fashion pieces . With the years I’ve build to myself a very nice collection of different watches from many brands.

But today I come back to you with a brand you all know and its not the first time that I am talking about it .
I introduce you (again) Daniel Wellington !!

Three years ago my blog was so young and so new , I just started to get some new followers and to make it more professional when I get an email from a Swedish brand named Daniel Wellington , a clear oval withe background and a classic black leather bracelet , yes that’s an clean and elegant watch or in other words the recipe of a new phenomenon that just started at this time. Cause that’s not all , the bracelets with a big S , are interchangeable and here everything is getting more interesting , one watch thousands designs , and if its sounds you knows like swatch , we are talking here about an other trend , the watches here are modern , a mix between British fashion , and classic design with a touch of craziness and colors , colors of the large collections of interchangeable Straps purpose to you , and if brown or black leather is not enough for you , you can try some navy blue white red , burgundy white and dark green , or a pink white and navy blue straps design to make it more younger .
For finish the price , they wanted to change the concept of one watch for the all life , like Rolex did before and still purpose a high quality product in an abordable price for all pockets.

Of course that with a concept like this , in few month you can imagine the success and this is whats happen , an Instagram with more than 1 million follower and an army of celebrities and blogger all over the word wearing the NEW WATCH.

Four years later , the brand is still here and succeeded to renew his concept year by year , by purposing to his customer new design and still saving the real DNA of the brand .
This year I am happy to introduce you I think one of the most interesting change of the classic first watch , the BLACK DW . 

And If you want to be on the point of fashion , GET 15% OFF on @danielwellington with DYLANPARIS code , till 31th December 2016 , at #DanielWellington . Because Black is so Chic !

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