Hello Hello ,
This post is a blabla post , dont be afraid to read about two or three subject a the same time …

It’s been a very long time I didn’t write to you here on my blog . Truly , I really feel that today everything happens in an other place , Instagram and Snapchat are a really much easier and faster way to share with you . But I also must say I miss that place and I feel here the much confortable to share with you , to talk with you , here I can be just myself , no need for filters or hashtags …

By the way , Happy New Year Guys !!! Yes … we are finally in 2017 . It’s crazy , I remember myself opening my private world to the public in 2011 thinking about a name for my blog … and to say the truth for me it was clear that Dylan Paris have a really important signification for me , and I never believe to be here today at only 22 years old . 2016 was an incredible year for me , with the time I am growing and gain maturity I opened this blog when I was only 16 years old yes … but I think that this year was for me the real transitions between my teenager life to the real adult life . I always feel I already was an adult , also three years ago when I spend my time traveling or sitting on fashion show and events all over the world , studying a bachelor of fashion design at only 19 years old . But today when I see my life-style changing , when I looking back to my old photos and all whats happen to us with Megane during the years I finally understand when my life really start to change from the teenage one to the adult one .

During 2016 I have the chance to share with you amazing stories but not only fashions one , and for me this is the biggest change on my personality , When I opened my blog for me it was clear here its a Fashion Blog , ONLY Fashion. but during the year I really discover a passion for travel , lifestyle , restaurant , culture and so much other subject . My blog turns to a real place of sharing real things that I love and not only street style post .
Of course that fashion take a really big place on my life , but with the years I understanding that its not all .

2016 was a year full of opportunity , we had the chance to collaborate with fashion brands , hotels and restaurants but also champaign and luxury brand , having the chance to work with amazing companies its just incredible.

2016 was a year full of creativity , my second and third year in Shenkar , I finally feeling the ends coming up and I can’t wait to see what waiting for us after the studies . This year also my design style gain in maturity , and I believe I’ve learn so much spending my time working for the bridal couture atelier of Inbal Dror .

But more than ever 2016 was a year of love , I finally get engaged with the love of my life Megane Meimoun , I always knew I will spend my life with her when I meet her in 2010 . I think today is the only things that really make me happy in life and give me the strong to wake up in the morning with so much energy to conquer the world and make our dream come true , I say our because we are always dreaming together and for me I think is the most important things in this life dreaming with someone you can share and I can’t wait to continue to share my adventure with her and with all of you.

And what about 2017 , I dont really want to share a supermarket list of resolutions , because it’s never working especially when you have a planning so full as mine , but I just can say that I will continue to share with you amazing things , try to make a little bit more sports , but more than ever , I also can share with you that I am getting married on August 16th 2017 so ….. #SAVETHEDATE .

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