Hi Guys
I am sharing with you the three days I spent at the Chateau Frontenac hotel on Rue Pierre Charon which crosses Avenue Montaigne in Paris.
A dreamy location that plunges us into the life of Serena Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl while traveling to Paris.
From our windows, we see our favorite Dior shop and when leaving the hotel no need to order an Uber to go shopping or dining in a typical Parisian restaurant. We were also two minutes from the most prestigious street in Paris, ” the Champs Elysee “.

Well, as you understand I had a dreamy holiday with my fiance. We were in Paris for our wedding preparations and some fashion editorial.
The Chateau Frontenac Hotel was the best place for a stay in Paris, I believe one of my best hotel experience since today, the level of this hotel is really close to the palace experience. We were really surprised to be hosted at this level and the quality of the services was impeccable.
It take us more than one or two hours to realize how much the design of the room we had was wonderful, the room was so so big and spacious, we had a super king size bed and a saloon on our suite, we really feel at home.

Megane and I had a tour at Dior Homme for my wedding suits before our shooting and I did a lot of fitting, shirt, tie, knot, etc … Obviously easy to find the right match when a tailor of the Dior workshop come to take care of you in order to all create fitted …
The next morning all excited about our previous purchases and preparations we had an appointment with Rawdolff from the french reality show as it is the DJ of our wedding , then time to start our shooting day and then bring my suits from Dior after fittings.

Arrived at the store I notice the panic in the store, the team and the managers but I do not really understand what’s happening.
I go up with the tailor trying the suits and Megane kindly wait on a bench seat. And then we saw a man in a black and white suit, dark sunglasses, white ponny-tail, came out from the cabin next to me … No I am not dreaming Mr Karl Lagerfeld was near to us with the director of Dior Montaigne! Woww we was so impressed. I never believe to see him from so close. He sits beside us without saying a word and I really wanted to take a picture with him to immortalize this moment but the team at Dior warned us especially not to ask this kind of thing because Mr. Lagerfeld was in an appointment with Dior direction.
It was a very nice day of preparations.
Here are some pictures of our stay at the Château de Frontenac.

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