What camera do you use ?
A Nikon D3100, with a Nikkor AF-S 50 mm f/1.8 G lens.

Wich software do you use for editing your pictures ?
The only software I use for some of my photos ( not all of course ) is Pixlr-O-Matic , it gives somes sweet effect . And sometimes for cutting the photos I use Photoshop.

Who takes the pictures ?
In general Megane Meimoun , ( check his amazing blog ) take me the pictures, but sometimes it’s can be a friend or my family.


What did you studied ?
For the time , I just gradueted from High-School , but I planing to study Fashion Design next year.


What’s your occupation ?
I am working in general on my blog , and also as a freelancer Stylist , for productions and editorials in Magazine , and also for personal styling request .

I would like to know which are your favourite designer clothes. Can you also recommend your favourite fashion magazines or websites?
I love Chanel , Dior , Balenciaga , Balmain , Alexander Mc Queen , Dolce Gabanna , Parda . I read a lot of magazines, such as Vogue Paris, L’officel , , Numéro.

Where are you exactly living , why are you always traveling ?
So , I am basicly from Paris , but I live between Paris & Tel Aviv , because I have a lot of familly there, and a lot of nice fashion purposition as a stylist .But I love to go back to Paris , everytime I get invitations for Fashion Shows and Fashion Week. I always traveling in depens on Fashion Events .


Do you sell your clothes, on ebay or anywhere else ?
No I don’t, I’m much too attached to them ! I’m loving every single piece in my closet, so I’m not up to sell them.

How do you manage to acquire designer goodies?
I am working hard for that , and try to get old collection in sale .

What products do you use for your hair ? How do you create this hairstyle ?
I am using a wax and a lil’ bit spray , and for my hair style is not complicated , short on the side ( 1 cm ) long on the top ( 14 cm ).


Why did you called your blog “DYLAN PARIS” ?
Because Dylan is my name , and Paris , because I love this city , and its a shortcut of my last name Parienty , and its the name I want to use on my futurer brand.

Create a blog, what does it bring you?
I honed my style, advance in photography, and I make great friends!

I love your design! Is it you who made it ?
Thank You , Yes I made my own design .

For more questions , dont be shy , and ask in the comments !