Chapter 1 : Welcome to my Shenkar Story

Hii Guys ,
Today I will share with you … No , actually today I am not going to talk with you about luxury fashion events and also not about what I wore yesterday but just about what I am living on my everyday life. As you all know I am not only a fashion blogger but also a fashion student in Shenkar , one of the most selective fashion school in the word.
So yes I decided to finally share , finally talk , talk with you about feeling , about reality….
Ready ?
Hii Guys and welcome to “My Shenkar Story” Chapter 1 :
4 weeks , yes only 4 weeks since I come back to school , after a long trip in corsica during the summer with my cousin Rony . I didn’t really had the time to prepare myself and I was there , Shenkar : this popular fashion school in Ramat Gan , yes yes I said popular , popular cause she is on the top 5 of the most influence fashion school in the world , because Albert Elbaz , ex-artistic director of Lanvin stud there in the past , and because if you want to get in you have to succeed 4 difficult exams about fashion inspiration , draw and sew techniques . Each years we are more than 1000 pre student , some are artists others more fashionistas , trying to get in …. But only 60 yes 60 lucky student , per year will have the chance to live this amazing experience.
Back to my story , as I told 4 weeks now since I back to school and by the way I am starting now my second years in this amazing place . Haha
So now you will ask me why I didn’t share with you my first study years ?
To tell you the truth I was in shock , I didn’t really know where am I ? And what I am doing ? I never had an experience before on fashion design . It’s completely different of what I am doing as a fashion blogger , I didn’t know to sew … Didn’t know what its mean to do homework at school during the night , yes I mean staying at school during the all night and make homework , no time to sleep “of course” and in the morning everything it’s aright , you are already in school just have to sit during the lesson and listen to the teacher and everything its completely normal…
To talk shortly about my first year it was hard but good so so good . How much this school open my mind during this year ? Its completely unbelievable. I fight , every day , every night but then I get really nice notes , really good critics “practice make perfect” as they told in Shenkar … anyway after all now I am more than motivated for my second year !!!

Motivated ? I really said that ? Oh My Gooood , the last 4 weeks look like I did one more year in Shenkar. How much stress for a comeback to school ?
This year I choose to learn MEN fashion design , yes I now , I take risks , its out of my comfort zone , we all know I love to design clothes for women I told it hundreds time , “designing clothes that women want to dress and men to undress » anyway the teacher ask us to choose a music/culture festival as inspiration , and I decided to talk about the Holi festival in India , all the colors and the cultures of the city was looking so interesting . During the weeks , the teacher ask us to open our research and take inspiration from subject in common with the festival , so I decided to talk about the status of the women in India , with a unisex collection for men that talking about the festival … haha if you are still here reading me and trying to understand , so thank you , I no sometimes , I am not so clear but I try . Anyway I am not crazy I promise .

All that maybe look easy for you , but you dont really know. All this research mean on our fashion language : looking for photos , printing inspiration board , looking for fabrics and trying to print pattern on them , drawing sketclhes and trying new sew techniques. All that yes… and its just the beginning and just one of the courses I learning.
If you dont believe me , you can ask my cousin Rony , He wanted to meet me after my study day at tel aviv, but I dont think he really enjoy running with me from the fabric store to the print store to the train and in each station more and more bag to hold during the race.

If I had to do only this , but no … I am also studding pattern making , draping, fashion draw , origami , and I have to prepare an academic project about one period of the history of clothes .
One period as I say , but which one ? The New Couture of Dior ? The Space Age ? Marie Antoinette ? Napoleon ?
I didn’t really know what I wanted to do during the random draw , something special not to easy but not to hard , something esthetic ?
And then the verdict fall :
1860 -1870 day dress . you don’t know how its look and I didn’t know as well . Immediately GOOGELING it and O-M-G corset + crinoline + chemise + petitcoat + corset cover + what the fuck I am going to do nowwww !!!
Honestly I don’t really know … during the last week I did my research about the period , prepare a technical folder and succeed to sew my first corset ever !
Let’s wait and see …

HomeWork for the next week :
– Making a crinoline.
-Doing new inspiration board and clients board for men collection.
-Getting new fabrics and trying new prints for men collection.
-Doing sketches for men collection.
-Trying new illustration technique.
-Transfer origami to fabrics.

I’ll meet you next Sunday to share with you my Shenkar Story of the week .

Chapter 2 : The Risk Of Fashion Life

“Its good to cry sometime” she told me … Its not always easy. As I told you on my last post. The stress , the homework’s , not enough time for private life… Lucky me I have the best wife in the word , yes I said wife and I am not married but for me its the same. I introduce you (in case you don’t know) : Megane Meimoun Fashion Influencer , Blogger , Stylist , Smart & Beautiful. This is what everybody that follow her know’s about . But I want to talk with you especially about Megane Meimoun , big heart , creative , genius and also an amazing digital marketing influencer , she know when something gonna work , she know to recognize trends but the most important she know to motivate me during my hard studies. Actually all these quality make her perfect . I consider she is my muse , my inspiration , my rage of success . And if I feel bad I know she will support and motivate me.

This is what happen last Saturday … Actually I am so tired , this new semester is so so hard , I worked all the weekend planing my homework… And the worst I am not satisfied at all.
I am taking about satisfaction cause in fashion study you can do homework how much time you want to , if you don’t like what you did you will did it again . We are not talking now about mathematics we are talking about arts and creativity.
This week for me was horrible , Its really like I was locked in to an empty box. Okey … I am starting again to be crazy with my strange quotes , but I promise this is what I felt.

No inspiration , I hate what I draw , what I create. Maybe is the situation in Paris made me in a sad mood or just because its hard for me , hard to create clothes for mens.
Yes I have no problem to admit , sometimes its hard … Also for me. The most important thing in fashion design I think its to be inspired and if you want to get inspired you have to feel good , for now I am feeling BUSY and TIRED , mean not so “good” . Hard for me to understand mens fashion … I know to get dressed “I think”… But on menswear I admit , I love minimalist fashion , this is the opposite of what I am creating for women fashion. And now I have to design unisex , mix my taste of the “to much” women and the “minimalist” men.
Omiigoood I am writing this for you now and I finally understanding in live what I already have to do .
Talking with you about my Shenkar experience is maybe a not so bad therapy.

A week in Shenkar for me is also a lot of daily galley. Imagine myself waking-up at 5:30 am to be in time at school but shit ! its raining today and I have to walk 20 min from the train station to the school .
Yes running its not so bad but when you hold 3 bags , fabrics and mood boards , so then running under the rain is not the same at all , its already turning to a catastrophe due to global warming…

But that’s not all …. In fashion design sometimes you can get seriously hurt . Fashion ? dangerous ? It is actually possible ?
Yes it is , when you have to build by yourself a real crinoline from the 1860’s so yes I succeed to plant my scissors into my finger , and transform my school into a battlefield , with an amazing pool of blood.

Anyway my week is now OVER , I need to sleep a bit and of course do my homework’s…
– Sew a petticoat from the history
– Adjust my corset
– Find an idea for my final origami project
– Draw an entire collection for my menswear project ( 20-40 sketches )
– Sleep as much as I can

Everything gonna be alright yes ??
See you next week , maybe …

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Chapter 3 : Fashion Survivor

5:30 am – Hi guys its Monday and its also mean its the time of my new Shenkar Story of the week , I am already on my way to school amazing no ?

My week-end was so short , and of course I didn’t had time to finish all my homework’s … but who care ?
I am actually thinking I don’t really know to manage my time and I have a really bad sense of priority. Drawing my collection vs go to the cinema ? Going to the restaurant with Megane/friends or sewing a corset ? Making Origami or go to a fashion event and write about it on my blog ? For me the answer is never to complicated I will always choose the funny option . But then I am like so stressed , I want to cry but then 5 minutes after if I will have to choose again will choose the same option and make funny stuff.
For example today I am finishing to stud at 6:00 pm have to do homework but I have to meet my cousin and some friends in Tel Aviv what to choose ? Its so hard arghhhh !!

I think that HARD is my key-word of the week , actually I am feeling so so frustrated … Each week students are leaving , stopping the studies , in french we use the expression “quitte le navire” its mean leaving the boat . Its so sad to stop this amazing adventure in middle of road.
Remember to get IN this crazy school all what you have to done before , the exams , 1000 students , the white night of homework’s….

Yes till we back to school few week ago , its a new phenomenon that celebrate each week the departure of one student. Its really felling for us like a Survivor or Big Brother TV reality show …
Who’s gonna be next one ? Initially , you were sixty ultimately it will remain only one.
I am kidding a bit but I promise its adding to us a supplementary of stress… You want to know why people are leaving ? It’s can look crazy for you to stop a Bachelor on the middle of nothing , But a Bachelor on fashion design is completely different, all the stress the amount of projects and homework’s , the amount of money you have to invest on materials and fabrics.
I think each one of us can wake up one morning and say STOP why did I do that to myself ? I can work , be rich and have a life , a real social life .

Actually all this semester I am afraid to wake up one morning on that mood , afraid to say “stop it’s enough”. Basically its not my character but we don’t know what life reserve to us.
When I am feeling bad I am trying to remember why I am studying fashion.
I remember I was 6 years old , a small child that always draw , I was drawing girls wearing nice dresses , Not a beautiful house with a big sun and clouds next to a small tree . (like we all know .. )
Its strange I really don’t know why but this is what I did.
I remember myself sitting with my cousin Salome and playing together making collections of dresses and choosing a name for our future brand.
By the way I believe you also know Salome , if you follow our blogs you know she is always here with us during our fashion adventure with Megane .
For me she is also a real important element during my study in Shenkar and on my daily life , always here for motivate me when I am feeling bad and to help me when I have to much ideas … ,to choose which one is the most interesting , she know to use the good words to reassure myself.

Anyway all this people leaving the study is in one way so hard and so sad but I know I have to continue on my way and trying to success as much as I can . I don’t really know what’s gonna be tomorrow but for today I am still on a “fight of success mood”. Just have to hope staying like this as much as possible.
“Never Give Up” ..

Ahh .. never give up … For now is much “never forget you have homework’s…
– Finish the corset , crinoline , petticoats.
– Printing the new pattern of my “cupcake dress”.
– Making some Origami try’s .
– Be ready with a complete collection + a complete presentation for my menswear project .

Make it Work !!!

Chapter 4 : Half Semester and Still Alive

Every week is the same … Every Monday 5:00am my iPhone is screaming a different ringtone , every week I start to hate a new song because of my alarm , and each week in this time I am on my way to Shenkar .
This week I didn’t really know what to share with you about my experience , okey its hard for me , okey I have a lot of stress , a lot of homework , I dont sleeping a lot , but I can’t repeat myself weeks after weeks ?
This is the end of my Shenkar Story ? No worry guys I have a lot to say , and its only beginning .
Welcome to my Shenkar Story , Chapter 4 :

Its now more then 7 weeks I start to study my second year , Its mean that I make a half semesteeeeeerr , yeaahhh ! Amazing , we did it !!
But now I just have to suffer the same period a second time , with more stress , and much homework , because soon gonna start the exams period , ( I will talk about it on an especially post ) and then I will be in vacation , and god know how much I need it.

About half semester , its also mean time for the first presentation . Remember Menswear project , Holi Festival , Status of Women in India , blablabla … Its time for all that shit to look esthetic with a collection of 5 models sketched, wearing clothes inspired by all this , with 5 technical draw that explain how you have to create this fabulous couture pieces , and an amazing Inspiration Board , that have to explain your subject without being too literary , and a client board that have to explain for who is the collection without showing nobody and for finish a color board who dont specifically have to be made from real color . Yes Yes to much information to much task for a small first presentation , and I am not talking with you about all the fabrics we have to bring , the fabrics we develop during all this seven weeks , and the SketchBook , this is your bible during all the semester , you will find all the step of your research about your subject , all your try about you collection , shape , fabrics , making research about the previous research you made . until find nothing at all , and have no more idea, cry and really consider giving up.

I exaggerate a little bit but this is my feeling … About my presentation , I can definitely say it I am READY , why so much surprise ? I had seven week to prepare myself ..
Nope I didn’t if you read my previous chapters , you know I had trouble to find my way on Menswear design all the research and the client was pretty easy for me , but when the time to create came , I get seriously blocked , no more ideas no more inspiration , and I didn’t succeed to take inspiration from the board to the clothes , I didn’t give up , thanks god , but I’ve been seriously delayed . My teacher finally choose one sketch’s less and more interesting during the week end , and I had to create four new more and to prepare all the collection in the last minute …

When I am writing this words to you , I still didn’t know if the jury and the teacher gonna like the collection or no ? but in all cases I’ll be satisfied that I have been ready in time with a complete presentation . I am rather happy to have difficulty on Menswear , I am felling I am learning a lot and developing myself … Its hard and I am spent a lot of time and effort to make again and again , but I am sure the result gonna be really nice , and I will appreciate it really more.

OK … About again and again my presentation was a real catastrophe …., but I will explain about it only on my next chapter , so stay connected and see you next week.

Chapter 5 : Fashion Burn-Out

Okey , Oh My God !!
Remember guys , Last week I stop my post with a really really bad news. I FAILED MY MENSWEAR PRESENTATION. I have to admit its my first time till I start to stud in Shenkar that this is happening in that way.
I didn’t really show it to the others , but I was in shock and in panics . I think this is why I preferred to stop my last post on that place , and I decided to think about it a bit before sharing all that experience with you.

Okey , we are now one week before , and I am just telling you that I am finally ready for my menswear presentation , that I getting ready in only two day and that its so difficult for me to design for men and to make it again and again each week. I presented my collection and the judge and the teacher HATE IT ! Bad sketches , bad fabrics , horrible colors , not interesting way of presentation. They talk about starting new and not only fixing mistake.
I was so so sad , but inside I know they say the right things. They told me I have really much better stuff on my sketchbook and that my way to explain my inspiration story is good but I didn’t transfer it in the good way into my presentation and I agreed with them.

So yes I started new , I think how should I transfer my idea from the sketchbook into a real professional menswear collection on an esthetic way. I decided to follow myself and to work on my way with my personal taste and this is what I do the best .
During the last 8 weeks I change details and details in my basic design and then I loose myself , my taste …. I learn a lot but the final result was a big salad , and it was not my design anymore but a mix of all what I’ve learn.

Sometimes starting again is not a so bad idea , its allow you to fix things and to think really much better …

This is how starts my new week , running all over the words choosing new fabrics , making new prints , sketching new looks and of course presenting again and this time hopping the teacher will choose THE outfit I will have to create and to sew .
By the way lucky me !!! The teacher decided we are finally presenting 2 complete outfit during our next final presentation , mean double technical work , double fitting , double sewing !!! A-MA-ZING !!

Finally , the teacher choose the first outfit I will have to create by myself during the last 40 days of the semester , and I finally start to work . I make the pattern of my amazing overall and say to myself I will try to sew the pattern during the week end to see how its fit…

But … Guess whats happened , I forgot my pattern on the train on my way back to home …PANIC … Try to call the train station , service customers , 911 … But nothing , I try to find back my pattern but I don’t believe its gonna happen anymore …
Its mean that I loose 5 hours of works and 3 meters of papers and I will have to make it again for next week.

When I say that this week was for me the third world war , I really not kidding I felt burning-out so so much tired and no more strength to fight , but I decided to no homework at all during the week end and simply to rest.
In all case I am late and I have a lot of things to do , so I believe I will have the hardest next Monday ever ,trying to finish all my task and when you will read this post I will maybe be in school crying all my body . But its for a better future they say ! It is ?

See you next week !

Chapter 6 : Positive Fashion

Hello Hello this is the time of My Shenkar Story , how are you ? did you miss my fabulous story ?

This week I am felling so good , maybe its because I rest during all the week end , but I came back strong than ever , ready for the last 35 day of the semester.

Remember , I was in an horrible burn-out mood and loose my pattern on the train last week , about my menswear project , so I did it again on Monday , and I also had time to cut the pattern and sew the toile so … I am ready for my first fitting without working like a crazy guy during all the weekend.
When I am writing this to you , I am also working on photoshop about my second model for the menswear course.
I just can’t wait to finish the course and be back to design for women , I miss it so much… But I have to admit I’ve learn a lots as a « Menswear Designer » .

This week I want to try a new format about my Shenkar Story , I want to vlog you my experience as a design student. I am not sure is gonna be a daily format cause I don’t have the time to breath , but a weekly one look such as a good idea .
I get a lot of mails with question about the study here , and I also want to make you a post or a video when I am answering all your questions… So if you want to ask me about my fashion design study experience , you can send me mails or twit me about with the hashtag #askdylanparis , its can be really fun to prepare you a post like this.

About my study , I am basically in time , I am felling always late when I am looking to the others working day an night , staying at school and looking at me like an idiot especially when I am say I was on a restaurant , or if I go to the movie theatre …
But I am just thinking I have a good way of work and I’ve pretty much succeed to mix private life and school. I am admit sometimes its hard , but I try to be with my amazing girlfriend 1-2 hours per day , and to relax each week-end hanging out with friends.

Its been a long time I didn’t talk with you about the historical clothes course , its just because the last two weeks I was on my horrible nightmare of making again my menswear collection and I didn’t really get time to work on it. I am trying to stay relax but I must say I am afraid to not being in time with this « cupcake dress » I have all the bows and all the fringe the sew , I am feeling the disaster night of works coming , but for now I am trying to take it in positive way and to believe I will be in time.

I decided to change also my final project for the Origami course , its only a studio course its mean that this course is less important than the others , and on the beginning of the semester I say to the teacher I will make an amazing origami evening dress , but I can’t loose my time working on this for now , I prefer to make something more smaller and to have time to work on the others course so , I still don’t know exactly what I will do , but I promise to share it with you as soon I will have the idea …
If you have ideas of nice project with origami , not to big , maybe a top , a bag or something like this so share it with me on the comments or twit me : )

I hope to stay on that positive mood as soon as I can , to finish the semester like a boss ….
Now I will stop this post and go to do homework so …
See you next week , and stay connected a new surprise is coming during the week :)

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Chapter 7 : Happy New Year

Hii Guys , Its Monday and its the time of my new Shenkar story of the week , as you all see this week I start to “vlog” you my daily life and especially my student life. It’s taking a lot of time to record and to edit it but now you can enjoy a really much better stuff and details about fashion and design so I hope you enjoy it , it’s happening on our YouTube channel ;)

This week I worked on my projects , I am really motivated and it’s good cause it’s meaning I had time to make a lot of stuff .

The countdown start and in less than 30 day I will finish my horrible semester . I can’t believe that time fly so fast , I really remember the start of the semester when french TV comes to interview me about the rank of Shenkar on the top 3 of the most influence fashion school in the word and then the Fashion Week with Megane & Salome … Its look like it was yesterday but then , I am here today writing to you about my everyday life and I realize I had time to make a research about Holi festival and to create a menswear collection but also to sew a corset and on my way to finish an amazing historical dress of the 19th century … Wow its incredible , I always remember a quotes of my “fashion grandpa” Karl Lagerfeld about the way he would love to have a 36 hours day instead of 24 hours to have much time to work and to be more productive so in Shenkar its feel the same .
But more than everything this semester I am so happy I succeed to achieve another goal , I write you here on my blog every week and I had time also to make “vlog” and regular posts … Something I didn’t succeed to do last year , its mean I am managing my time really much better.

You know when I opened this blog 5 years ago I didn’t expect how much it’s gonna change my life and how much opportunity I will get with this amazing journal of my fabulous life , how much people will read this and take from it inspiration , how much brands and companies will get in touch with me , and how much share with people and with life I will discover with this amazing tool . And than last year I didn’t had time to take care of it , and for me I believe it was the hardest side of my study in Shenkar.

This last months I succeed to combine fashion project and my blog so it’s mean I achieve my personal goal and I am so happy.

By the way I know this post looks a bit like a retrospective of my years talking about achieving goals and blabla , but in less than 3-4 days we are starting a new years so firstly I wanted to wish to all of you an amazing and happy new years . I wish to you and myself a year of love and success , that you will achieve all your goals and always smile on your pretty faces.

Thinking about my own 2016’s I would love firstly continue staying connected with you and sharing with you the best of my amazing adventure not only in Shenkar but on my crazy and daily fashion life.
I am preparing to you a lot of amazing surprises and travel for this new year so stay connected.
I wish to myself also to continue to succeed in my study , to have good critics and to have the strong to achieve all my project .
Finally I hope also to achieve a personal goal that is for me one of the most important ever , is to concretize my relationship with my love and to announce you an amazing news during the year .

Finally , I know this week I didn’t really talk with you about Shenkar and more about myself , but to say the truth Shenkar is taking a big part of my life so its the same.

I wish to all of you an happy new year ;)
Enjoy your holiday, see you next week !

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Chapter 8 : Final Exam Hiatus

« Okey okey , I can do it !! I really do ? Lets goooo ! «
Omigood its Monday and I didn’t write any Shenkar Story for this week , Better … I didn’t start to write ? But I really want to post you something so better now than ever .
Hii Guys and welcome to my Shenkar Story . As you just see I didn’t had the time to write this week about my week in Shenkar and I will explain you why . Firstly I just start today my exams period and I will talk about it soon on the post but I also get a lot of event during this week and the new year eve and the fact that I am vlogging all my day and have to make video cutting everyday … I am over busy , but I am okey … I have to admit I am so happy to have this kind of rhythm in my life I am not insane but I just love to be busy and to run everyday … I remember myself as a teenager sitting at home and getting so boring , I am so happy it’s not happening anymore , being busy is what make me happy in life I think after my girlfriend and money hahha ;)
Anyway the upcoming two week is gonna be a little bit much different and special because I starting my evaluations or exams period (call it however you want to) and I will explain you what is mean exactly … It’s mean that during two weeks I will finally have to present all my project and get critics about all what I did during the semester.
For my menswear project I have to present 2 complete outfit with the reals fabrics the reals prints , a collection inspired from the Holi festival and the unequal status of the women in India , a unisex collection with a message of equality. I also have the entire drawn collection of 5 models , the sketchbook , my inspiration wall , my client wall , my color wall and my fabric wall to present the same day.
Then during the same week I have the presentation of my historical clothes … Yes my amazing victorian cupcakes dress of 1860-70, by the way I still have to sew all the details and to prepare more then 40 bows but let stay positive.
I also have the Origami dress to present and a draw evaluation … I have to draw 5 sketches from one of my favorite couture collection and use some draw techniques,
Finally I also have a modeling evaluation and a patterning one.
All this yes and only two week , hahah I promise to share your the happiest and the saddest moments of this weeks , I know you all want to see my cry ..
Now I have a little bit more saddest news to share with you … Due to my impossible planning and the time that I don’t have … I will not post you Shenkar Story for the two weeks that are coming … I succeed to post you each week of this semester but now I have to be the best for my presentation and its gonna be really hard.
To forgive myself I announce you that I will continue to post my vlog during this two weeks on Youtube.
And no worry I will came back with posts on the blog in two weeks with an amazing surprise and a recapitulation of aml this crazy period and the critics I get during the presentation …
So lets say a big « Merde » and a lot of luck for my exams period see you soon with a new shenkar story on the blog ;)